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NTX Wide & ETX Wide Changes

Growth in DMR is good, but with it can come some growing pains. We needed to have a way to grow beyond the DFW Metro on talk group 2. Traditionally talk group 2 has been a local repeater use talk group. With more and more repeaters popping up around the state, routing talk group 2 properly without creating network collisions was becoming difficult. A proposition was made by a group of about twenty repeater owners, CBridge owners, and general users, for a new talk group being created. This new talk group is named North Texas Wide, or NTX Wide shortened. Our DMR friends in Houston have done one of the finest jobs at coordinating their own talk groups. We took a queue from their talk group plan of Houston Metro being assigned 8207 and created the new NTX Wide on talk group 8205. Due to the growth issues on talk group 2, NTX Wide will be replacing DFW Metro soon. Many repeater owners have elected to either remove DFW Metro or keep it but assign it as a PTT talk group, meaning it stays sile